Trauma-Informed Therapist   

I specialise in childhood trauma, particularly how childhood experiences shape and condition us into adulthood. I work with people to undo and reprogram their behaviours, thoughts and feelings to create a life free from their past trauma. A life where they are in control of themselves and their relationships with others.

A large part of my work is with parents who wish to focus on breaking this cycle to prevent them from raising children who need to recover from their own childhoods. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed, worried or lost, and need someone impartial to talk to?

Are you struggling to make sense of past experiences, or frustrated with repeating unhealthy patterns in your life?

Are you trying your best to parent but also struggling with your own past trauma?

Counselling can assist people to make sense of their experiences, and develop the skills and confidence to make positive changes to improve their daily life. 

I provide therapeutic support to address a wide range of mental health and social needs for children, teens and adults.


Family Violence


Suicidal thoughts

Childhood Trauma 


Parenting Issues


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